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Mugil(Ashwin), a middle class kind and lovable boy who works as a forensic officer falls in love with Megha(Srushti dange), short for Meghavarthy Srinivasan, who comes from a rich family background. The girl slowly starts developing feelings for him and one day finally reciprocates his love. But later she also mysteriously disappears on the same day the reason being is Mughil work leads him to incriminating evidence against the police officer who is touted to be the next police comissoner of chennai (Adukalam naren ) Naren had murdered the officer (Vijayakumar) as he had considered him a threat to his promotion,But discovers that Mugil is on his tracks hence Naren tries to frame Mugil for murder and rape of megha .Now it up to Mugil to find his love.Their love undergoes many twists and turns but how they reunite forms the rest of the story.

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