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Vani Viswanath is happily living married life with her husband Mohan Babu and daughter. Mohan Babu works for the father of Vani Viswanath. Later on, both Vani and Mohan Babu do not get well along with each other. Vani also suspects that Mohan Babu is having affair with some other woman. Her doubt turns into reality when she saw a woman named Jayasudha, who was their neighborhood. Vani soon started creating rumors about Jayasudha that she is not a well-behaved woman and destroys her reputation in the society. Because of this, soon Jayasudha becomes jobless as she got fired from her bank also. Jayasudha then decides to take revenge on Vani and moved all her belongings into Vanis house. She also claims that Mohan Babu is her living partner. Soon a huge argument erupts between Vani and Jayasudha. Distributed with this ongoing clashes between two women, Mohan Babu decides to give permission to Jayasudha to live with them in the same house. Vani, on the other hand, felt insulted by her husband and leaves the house in anger to live to her parents. Everything was going well in Jayasudhas life as she was living happily with Mohan Babu and her daughter, but one day daughter of Mohan Babu and Vani went missing. Jayasudha tried enough to search the little missing girl, but all went in vain. Later on, Police arrived at their home to arrest Jayasudha as it was assumed by everyone that Jayasudha might have kidnapped their daughter or also she might have killed her too. Police also got some evidence against Jayasudha that indicates that she might have hands behind the kidnapping or perhaps killed Vanis daughter. The movie reaches its climax, as everyone waits for the answer that where did the little girl has gone and who is behind this criminal plotting. Watch Naa Mogudu Naake Sontham movie online.

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