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The film is about White, an orphan boy who goes to the Ongole market to become a businessman. Four years later, White (Ram) is a successful businessman owning four shops in the market. He then meets Sandhya (Krit), the daughter of Adikeshavulu (Prakash Raj) and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Adikeshavuli is a bad man who pretends to be kind and when MLA wants to announce White as the new chairman of the market, he beats him and forces him to announce Adikeshavulu as the new chairman. Due to Adikeshavulus lust for money, he manages the market badly and reaches a point where he burns the market so as to get the insurance money as his profit. White comes in time and saves the market and seeing the culprit (Adikeshavuli), he chases him into the announcement office where he reveals all his wrongs including the fact that he killed his own brother. The people hear him and charge at him and beat him to death. Watch Ongole Gitta movie online.

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