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The films plot revolves around the rag pickers of Tamil Nadu. The story is about a rag-picker,Murugan,who finds a fortune by accident. The movie was a success at the Tamil box office. Murugan is a rag picker. He is very poor and lives in a house which can crumble any minute. Inspite of all this,he is happy with his life. He loves Veni. Veni works in a supermarket and earns 5000 Rs per month. Murugan finds a sack which is full of money. It belongs to a businessman who makes deals of crores of rupees every day. The businessmans henchman, Kiruba, is an aggressive person, who is so ill-tempered that he pours hot soup on a restaurant owner as he notices hair in the food served to him. Murugan begins to buy expensive clothes which he could ill-afford earlier. He lies and is subjected to blackmail. He cant reveal the source of his new found fortune. The businessman searches for his money and his henchmen come closer and closer to Murugan. The rest of the story is about how Murugan tries to save his skin. Watch Paisa movie online.

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