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The story of the movie is based on Tv Drama Sri Shaila Shikara given by V Seetharamaiah. The story is the devotional movie based on the life of a lady played by Sarojadevi. The film begins with the discussion in the Sabha of Lord Shankar where Nandi asks the Lord to visit his World earth. On insisting of Nandi Lord Shankar and his Wife Parvati appear on the earth where they see nobody is ready to help them in any way. The visit from one place to another place asking food and shelter, but all these selfish are not ready to provide these things cost-free. Lord Shankar starts to get upset by seeing this Greediness in the world created by him. While on their way they take a rest in front of Sarojadevis House. Sarojadevi is a poor woman who didnt have the food for herself to eat asks these travelers for the food. By seeing this Humanity and forgiveness of Saroja, Lord Shankar became extremely happy. Watch Papa Punya movie online.

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