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This love story intertwined between two brothers and the women they love is funny and relaxing. The older brother Vijay (Suresh) is running the family business. He is serious, responsible and about to get married to the love of his life Sandhya (Prema). The younger brother Chandu (Venkatesh), however, is a spoiled womanizer who seduces the beautiful Geeta (Simran), spends the night with her and runs off to attend his brothers wedding. Upon arrival, he is surprised to find Geeta is Sandhyas sister and after hearing how badly Chandu treated her sister, Sandya breaks off the wedding. The only way to get the marriage back on track is for Chandu to prove he indeed loves Geeta. In order to prove he is a changed man, the movie follows his hilarious endeavors to fix the situation. Watch Prematho Raa movie online.

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