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The story revolves around Bharathi (Udaya) and his family, consisting of his dad, mom, brother, sister-in-law and sister. Saravanan, a rich cloth merchant, is very particular that the Thirukural is recited regularly within his home and whenever Bharathi wants to please his dad, he recites a kural or two and proves an exemplary son, even though he is up to his youthful antics the rest of the time. In all, it’s a happy existence. Into this scenario comes love, in the form of Gayathri, whom Bharathi sights on the road one day, carrying a veena and hurrying to a college cultural, in a two wheeler, with a Brahmin priest. Bharathi falls for her and assumes that she is from his community and so there will be no opposition at home for marriage. When Gayathri comes home and sees the lifestyle and sacred atmosphere in the Bharathi household, she is worried.

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