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Raj accepts the challenge and tries to make Chaitra accept his love. She initially rejects him and gives him tough challenges to complete. Raj completes the challenges and Chaitra accept him. Her father finds out and sends his men to kill them on 31 st December night. Raj and Chaitra escape and run away to Srisailam. Bellary along with Baireddanna ( Kota Srinivasa Rao ), who is Bellarys friends and a corrupt minister, and the ministers son( Dev Gill ) search for the couple. James helps the couple in Srisailam but is stabbed by the ministers son, who kidnaps Chaitra. Rajs past is revealed by an injured James. Suryanarayana (R Parthiepan), Rajs real father and Chaitras father, Ramamurthy (Nassar) were best friends at Rayadurg. Suryanarayana was well respected and Ramamurthy was rich. Baireddanna and Bellary, who is actually Ramamurthys brother in law, were after Ramamurthys land because it had iron ore under it. Suryanarayana and Ramamurthy were killed along with their families, except for Chaitra and Raj. Bellary adopted Chaitra, planning to kill her to get Ramamurthys land. Chaitra knew about Rajs obsession with betting. She asked James, who is her friend, to challenge Raj so that he would try to woo her. Her plan was to destroy Baireddanna and Bellary using him.

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