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The story goes like this- Chandu (Aadi) believes that every boy in this world who is in a relationship, and truly loves his girl should marry her, otherwise a lesson should be taught to him. He is a perfect love patriot. He falls in love with Nandini (Rakul Preet Singh). She likes his love patriotism and shares it but there is a big problem. Nandinis brother Siddharth (Shri Hari) is a multi-millionaire who strongly believes in arranged marriages. So now, Chandu goes to Siddharth and dares him to stop him as he is going to make Nandini fall in love with him. According to Siddharth if he tries to alter Nandini about Chandu, she might develop feelings for Chandu and start loving him. This is where Siddharth and Chandu start playing the mind game. So now the question arises does Chandu gets his love At a point of time, it appears as if Chandu has lost everything as Nandini learns that he is a cheater and has been to jail for the murdering someone. This is kept as a suspense in this movie for which you have to wait till the end. In the end, the truth is revealed to Nandini that Chandus life is being risked for the family who adopted him while he was an orphan. Overall the movie is very good and different. Watch Rough movie online.

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