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Suryakant Jagdale, a middle-aged widower, has lost his job under the Compulsory Retirement Scheme. His philanthropic ideas are met with indifferent response at his native village where he happens to save the life of Nishi Surve, a young woman attempting suicide after being abandoned by her in-laws. Surya discovers Nishi's singing talent and encourages her to pursue the art. Meanwhile, the villagers due to their conservative mentality frown upon their strange relationship. Disgusted by the unfair accusations, Surya and Nishi leave the village, go to Mumbai in pursuit of a bright future and after repeated rejections, Ravi Desai, a budding composer gives Nishi's career the much needed boost. She rapidly achieves stardom while Surya faces dejection. Though Nishi whole-heartedly respects Surya, it is Ravi who takes control of Nishi's life.

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