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Samsara Nouke is the best movie written by K S Satyanarayana.The movie is the family drama movie which has always a bottom line to say.the movie start with the religious cry toward the god the both Heroics lives under a terrible problem and pray to the god for their betterment and they cry and make loud sounds by singing their songs.god help everyone and this makes their most trusted person of Gods. The movie title itself tells that the samsara Nouke means a ship which is the most important part of life where everything lies and the ship if sometimes misbalance it leads to a terrible problem and this makes the ship go down in the water and if all goes right then the ship sails in water for the several years.the same things are with the story it is the ship which had taken many people but there always a trouble to everyone which makes their life terrible. Watch Samsara Nouke movie online.

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