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Sarivar Sari is mainly a family drama, the story of Manisha(Madhura Velankar), a girl from a middle-class family. Manisha is positive, insistent and is motivated, but not like her sister Mini(Manasi Salvi). Mini is studying in a medical college and is favored by her father eye because he sees a hopeful striving girl who will make it big. She is different, yet promising. Manisha does a fashion show in college, gets noticed and is offered a modelling contract. That is when the movie takes a twist. When her family comes to know this, her sister, who has supported all through and asks her Why And What for. Manishas reply is so apparent, rational and credible that keeps the interest going in this Marathi movie. The emotional story brings the traditional barriers faced by a common middle-class girl and keeps us interested till the last minute Sarivar Sari deserves a larger audience and an open mind. Well done, Gajendra Ahire. Watch Sarivar Sari online.

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