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Jaggesh is a poor man, working as a waiter in a restaurant. While working in the restaurant, he meets with Rambha, who is the daughter of the same Restuarant owner. Jaggesh falls in love with her and develops a soft corner for her in his heart. Later on, Jaggesh meets up with his friend Abhijeet, who is a successful businessman, in the restaurant. Jaggesh tells him about his dream to become a famous actor and also tells him about his love for Rambha, though he did not mention her name. One day when Abhijeet was about to go out for his marriage proposal, suddenly Jaggesh comes and informs him that Rambha is the girl to whom he wishes to marry and describes her. Soon Abhijeet comes to know that Rambha is the same girl to whom he was planning to go for the marriage proposal. Abhijeet then decides to help his friend get his love life and also plans to get him work in films. Jaggesh becomes a successful actor and thinks that his fame and popularity would help him in getting his love. When Rambha visits Jaggeshs house, Abhijeet was also there as Jaggesh introduced him to Rambha.and went into the kitchen to get some tea and snacks for both of them. Then Rambha enquired Abhijeet that why he did not come to her house for a marriage proposal. Abhijeet tells him that Jaggesh loves her a lot, but Rambha shockingly says that she never loved Jaggesh. Abhijeet then requests Rambha not to tell anything about this to Jaggesh as he would be heartbroken. Watch Sarver Somanna movie online.

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