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The movie story moves around a village and Aranikulam who is considered to being the reason for prosperity in the village. Aranikulam is very revered between villagers and is believed as cause villages happiness and wealth. Kazhakam is an important part of the village. Everyone in the village is very happy .at the same time, few modern thinking people come up with a high-tech city construction plan, which needs around 20 acres of land and this amount includes some part of Aranikulams soil as well. Kazhakam along with Sajad fights against this but their fight ends when court discards their plea. Aranikulam’s land gets altered after burying Aranikulam. The inaugural function of a project gets attended by the engineers, contractors, and workers. Kathrina, daughter of the engineer also attend the function. She stays in a village and enjoys its natural beauty with local children. As the story moves on, she comes to know about Aranikulam, villagers affection with him and about high-tech city project. Some dramatic and suspenseful events come in a scene as Tipper Vasu and his son Appu enter in movie story. And these hearts breaking events later forms the Epitome of the movie. Watch Shesham Katha Bhagam movie online.

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