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A jeweller (Lokanath), who harbours ambitions of a successful life abroad, enters into a partnership with Junie (Thoogudeepa Srinivas) and thus both land in Singapore. The ambition, which has blinded Lokanath, led him to treat his pregnant wife badly and abandon her. Unknown to Lokanath, Junie is into smuggling and various other illegal activities and is wanted by the Indian and Singaporean police. CID detective Gopinath aka Kulla (Dwarakish) is assigned the task of hunting down Junie and bringing him to justice in India. Meanwhile, Lokanaths son Raja (Vishnuvardhan), who is now a singer in a hotel, gets to know Gopinath, though unaware that he is a detective. Tara (Manjula) is Rajas girlfriend. Her father Gopinath Rao (Shakti Prasad), also involved in shady businesses, promises Raja a good life, if he contract kills an old rival Shivaraj, of his, in Singapore, for 15 lakh. Initially reluctant, Raja travels to Singapore. Rao, knowing from Venu that Raja is Shivarajs son, asks Diwakar, his business partner in Singapore, to kill him and hires Venu to contract kill Shivaraj for 20 lakh. Tara overhears his conversation with Diwakar and immediately flies to Singapore informing Raja. Raja tells her that the trail of events has left him really confused.

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