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Srimannarayana (Balakrishna) is a courageous journalist who fights for justice. He exposes the various scams. Kalki Narayana Murthy (Vijayakumar) is a social activist who fights for the welfare of farmers and Srimannarayanas father who forms Jai Kisan Trust for the welfare of farmers. Public response in a big way to this initiative and the fund receives donations to the tune of 5000 crores. But the day when funds are about to be put to use, Narayana Murthy dies in the bank. The amount of 50 billion goes missing. At the same time, police arrest Srimannarayana for the loss of money. Rest of the story is how Srimannarayana proves his innocence. Enjoy watching Srimannarayana with YuppFlix on multiple internet enabled devices.

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