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Subba Shastry is one of the best dramatic films of all time.The movie has been written by A.N. Murthy Rao.The movie is typically based on the reference of a drama named Aashadabhoothi.Subba Shastry is the best comedy dramatic family movie where actor Kalyan Kumar doing a negative role which makes the movie more dramatic.Subba Shastry is a movie on activities of a man name Subba which do mischievous things and make the other people entertained with his performance.The movie shows a traditional belief towards god by the human.Subba Shastry is a man who is working in a temple as a poojari where he does wedding,etc of man.takimg money to survive this activity are continuing because the hunger for money never end the movie is like a classical drama which has entertainment in the middle which can make the viewers laugh a lot.

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