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Rajoo Naseeruddin Shah is an honest, naive, villager with a heart of gold. When he comes to the big city, he comes across a beautiful young girl, Sunayana Rameshwari, who almost gets runover by a car. He assists her to her feet, and she tells him that she is blind, lives in a small tenement with a neighbourly woman everyone calls Maushi Leela Mishra, and sell flowers for a living. Rajoo takes it upon himself to make arrangements to ensure that Sunayana can see again. He meets with all kinds of people in this process, namely a wealthy suicidal drunk, Heeramohan Pinchoo Kapoor; Circus owner Mukri; Lion-tamer, Shamsher Rajendra Nath; Prisoner Jaggoo Jagdeep; Prisoner #204 Viju Khote. He also meets with Dr. Indrajeet Vijayendra Ghatge and arranges to pay him a sum of Rs.2000/- for Sunayanas cure. Dr. Indrajeet lives with his mom Sulochana, and sister, beautiful Sushma Gayetri. When Sunayana is cured, she has nowhere to go to, for Rajoo has ended up in prison, Dr. Indrajeet takes her home and introduces her to his family. After Rajoo is released to comes to see Sunayana, only to find out she and Dr. Indrajeet are about to be married that very same day.

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