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The story is set on the backdrop of the small village of Chamrampatty and the residents of the village are staunch believers of the legend that the banks of the river Shiruvanipuzha holds the key to a massive treasure trove. Many men go on their endless journey to get the unthinkable and give up their lives in the bargain. Meanwhile, there is Aachiyamma a hundred plus ripe old woman who has a grandson Divakaran (Kalabhavan Mani) who has the least faith in all this but wants to make big money the easy way by doing just about anything. In this process, he neglects his pretty wife Radha (Praveena) and also his five year old niece (Baby Nayantara) and develops hatred for them. However, his wily mind changes when he is filled with the idea of giving a sacrifice by a black magician who asks for the life of a young girl. Divakaran sets out on a mission of deception, evil and pure greed and it is not long before he realizes that he is entangled in the whole quagmire in a big way. How does he come out of it Does he learn his lessons All this forms the rest of the story.

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