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Description :
Anantha Rama Sharma (Mammootty) lives like an outsider near a well-known temple. When he moves to a farm area, the farmers beat him thinking that he has come to take their children. They hand him over to the authority where officer Radha Krishna (Achyuth) identifies him as Mammootty, who was a huge musician and used to dwell in his native village. But he hasnt been found for 4 years. The officer informs Jayanthi (his aunt), who lives in that village, about Mammootty. Now, the story of Mammootty is narrated through a flashback. He was a well-respected Carnatic singer by all people but he had one bad trait called ego, which was only known by Radhika (his wife). For instance, when the Indian government awards him Padma Sri, he doesnt receive it as he was awarded together with other musicians who he considers to be average. In that same village, there is a boy known as Gangadhar (Master Manjunath) who bunks on music classes as well as school as he wants to become great. He wants to become like Mammooty. Watch Swathi Kiranam movie online.

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