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This is how the story unfolds Major Sundarrajan is an incredibly wealthy man who owns an antique sword. Nagalingam (Thengai Srinivasan) is a noteworthy criminal who continually makes unfruitful endeavors to take the sword from Major Sundararajan. On one such endeavor Jaishankar defends Major Sundararajan and turns into his trusted companion to secure the sword. Rajinikanth who alludes as Raju is an orphan raised by a dipsomaniac ex-criminal Rajasingam (M.N Nambiar. Rajasingam (M.N Nambiar) discovers Rajinikanth while stealing a car possessed by Thengai Srinivasan quite a while back, however, he didnt know that the car and the kid (Rajinikanth) really had a place with Major Sundararajan. Later, Rajasingam (M.N Nambiar) finds Thengai Srinivasan in a shopping place, trusting that his embraced child Rajinikanth is the child of Nagalingam (Thengai Srinivasan) he hands Raju to him as his own particular child. Thengai Srinivasan, despite knowing that Raju wasnt his child, acknowledges Rajinikanth. At that point, Raju , a criminal and a vagrant, is sent as Rajasekarans child to take the sword. What Raju does not know is that Rajasekaran is his genuine father. While Rajinikanth endeavors to take the sword, Jaishankar continues opposing him. In spite of Jaishankars endeavors Rajinikanth figures out how to plunder the sword. The movie becomes interesting when Raju comes to know that hes the missing child of Major Sundarrajan and he himself had been instrumental in taking his own particular family treasure for the wrong men. With the assistance of Jaishankar, Rajinikanth battles with Thengai to effectively reestablish their family treasure in the correct hands. Watch Thai Veedu movie online.

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