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The story of the movie written by G k Mudduraj is a romantic love story that involves a daily house problem, Comedy and family drama. Sridhar played the role of Youngster an orphan with no parents falls in love with Shruthi. Both of them reside in the small village. Shruthi families consist of a younger brother, sister, a grandmother and a mother. This lead a full pressure on Shruthi as their financial conditions was not good. Sridhar wants to marry Shruthi but her mother is not ready to do as Shruthi is the only earner in the family who works in another household. However, Shrutis mother agrees after Shruthis grandmother asked to do so. Now Shruthi happily got married to Sridhar unknowingly what problem will she is going to face in the near future. You will love this family Drama, its for sure. Watch Thavarina Theru movie online.

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