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Chellai Durai and his family leave promising to send the answer later. Chellai Durai starts courting Mangalam, who is initially very shy. He also meets Mangalams uncle( M N Nambiar), who is the martial arts Master. Everything goes well and a date is set to discuss the marriage details. At the discussion, Ponnamalam is asked for more dowry by Chellai Durais step mom. It is more than he can give, and the marriage plan stops. Ponnamalam is very irritated by their behavior and he is now against the marriage. Chellai Durai and Mangalam try to elope, but they fail and are caught by Mangalams father, who tries to attempt suicide. Chella Durai moves to Ponnamalams village to convince her family to let them get married. Will Chellai Durai win over her family This forms the remaining part of the move. Watch Thural Ninnu Pochu movie online.

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