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Ravi Shankar (Anoop Menon) is a rich businessman who owns a lodge called Trivandrum Lodge. He is a widower, who still misses his wife, played by Bhavana. Then there is the young innocent love of his young son Arjun and his schoolmate classmate Amala. Abdu (Jayasurya) is a sexually frustrated young guy, who keeps to himself most of the time. Dhwani (Honey Rose aka Dhwani) is a recent divorcee, who longs to have sex with some shady kind of guy. Then there is an old man, who claims that he had sex with 999 women. In the lodge, there is also a struggling film reporter, who doesnt do anything apart from sleeping around, wannabe artistes, a prostitute, a piano teacher and an old woman running a small tea shop. How do their lives unfold... Watch Trivandrum Lodge to know.

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