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The movie focuses on the tabooed issues of a womans virtue, infidelity and the trauma of societal indifference and cruelty towards mentally challenged. Sathish falls for the highly educated, elegant and attractive Kaveri, hailing from an eminent family. They tie the knot, have a son and live a dream life. The perfect image is shattered when Kaveris past comes to haunt her in her postpartum depression after giving birth to their second child. It comes to light that she was forced into an incestuous sexual relationship with her cousin before marriage. The onslaught of memories is too much for her to bear and in that she hysteria she confesses it to Sathish. She is taken to mental health care and doctors caution Sathish to treat her with love and tenderness. But he is unable to accept the reality of her past and treat her with derision. Kaveri bore it all. The final nail in the coffin comes in the form of Sathish affair with his secretary. She loses her mind is yet again hospitalized. The movie paints a grim picture of societys callousness towards infidelity (when committed by a woman) and mental health patients. Watch Triveni Online.

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