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The movie is a biopic revolving around the life of Saint Tukaram, a 17th-century poet and spiritual devotee of Vitthala. The movie starts off from Tukarams birth and childhood where he first discovers and becomes fascinated with Lord Vitthal, who he claims as a personal friend. As he grows, he is forced to take on the family responsibilities in the [lace of his older brother who chooses a more spiritual path devoid of material things. Through a major famine that claims the lives of most of his family, including his first wife and son, Tukaram realizes that seeking a spiritual life and Gods grace is far more important than earthly treasures. He also understands that it doesnt have to be a solitary path, and he can still handle his otherworldly responsibilities even as he seeks a higher spiritual path. He realizes that it is important to help those around him and be a good human being to everyone, aside from just being a good son, husband or friend. Watch Tukaram movie online.

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