Tulasi Dalam Thriller
Director :
Description :
Satvik (Nishchal Deva) is an orphan who moves to Las Vegas to be closer to his girlfriend, Nisha (Vandana Gupta). He is a firm believer that no spirits exist while his room mate, Subbu is a firm believer in ghosts.One fine day, Subbu challenges Satvik to spend a night in a graveyard by himself. Although Satvik successfully completes the challenge, he starts experiencing paranormal activities later on. In addition to this, he notices a girl named Shanti following him. To find out the reason behind these events, Satvik takes the help of Dr. Tilak (RP Patnaik). What is the reason behind these paranormal activities Who is Shanti and how does Dr Tilak solve all these problems That forms the rest of the story.

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