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The movie is narrated in clips of Past and Present. Akshay (Emraan Hashmi) who was an artist and a character designer in present departures on a flight. He was boarding from London. Suddenly he sees Sanjana who is sitting just to the opposite side to Akshay. They both see each other. Akshay and Sanjana remember a series of flashbacks. Akshay was a struggling artist who was in Cape Town. He sees Sanjana first time at that point. Then while Sanjana tries to take out her car she accidentally bumps Aksays car a leaves a note on it. Akshay and his friend Vicky go to her house and while coming back they have a lot of fun. The next day Akshay and Sanjana go to a party and have a kiss. They discover their love. Sanjana breaks up with her fiancee and tells her feelings to Akshay. Akshay and Sanjana settle. As Akshay was a artist and not an employ his business was not improving. He also has an ego fight with a distributor. As Akshay doesn't have any money he gets frustrated and takes it out on Sanjana. Sanjana was the person who was working and this tale had been for quite awhile. After some time Akshay gets a job in London. As Sanjana could not leave her job and Akshay was interested in the offer they have a fight and break up. Back in the present when they remember these memories the situation is worst in Mumbai. The heavy rains have flooded the city (Indicating the Maharashtra floods of 2005). Many were trying survive. While their adventure for survival continues Vicky is killed as he falls in the water with electricity. After so much time together they realize that their breakup before 6 years was just a break for them as their destiny is to be united.

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