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The film begins with the introduction of Raja Simhan, a historical warrior who stood and fought against the British government when it captured India. Then, the story moves to the present day when Raja Simhan gets reborn as Selva, who through a series of events, realises that its his third generation abd he had been betrayed by his friend in two of his previous generations. The friend, born this time as John Christopher, tries to get him killed. Selva finds a book through which he finds what had happened to him in the second generation. He was Cheziyan, a freedom fighter who got killed while fighting against a British officer. This is realised by John as well. Suddenly, while reading the book, a liquid drops from the ceiling on the book, which results in various patterns being formed on the page. Selvaa gets the indication and breaks a pipe, which results in several threads getting opened and killing Johns men, who too were present along with him. Then, finally comes the turn of John who picks up his gun to shoot Selvaa, but a blade comes flying and beheads him. The film ends as Selvaa watches and subsequently the book closes itself.

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