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Raja Simhan ( Bobby Simha) is a historical Indian warrior who fought against the British. His friend Karuna betrays him and he is captured by the British. He fights for his life and meets his friend and teacher Bashir, and asks Bashir to make sure he is buried alive. A special book is buried with him, in his hands. In the present day, he is reborn as Selva(Bobby Simha), an unemployed young guy. He moves to Chennai and lives with his two friends, who get him a job. He meets Umayaal( Reshmi Menon ) and they fall in love. A stranger tries to get close to Selva. Selva and his friends follow him. This man is caught later and suddenly burned to death. Selva does not know that the man was working for John( Kalaiyarasan ), who was Karuna is his previous life. John is a goon and finds a video of Selva following the man. Selva then finds the same book of Raja Simhan, through an old man who got it from the local vendor. Watch Urumeen movie online.

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