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The film narrates the story of Venu (Mammootty) who is an affluent finance company owner but at the same time very much uses the usual croony tactics finance companies use to build their business. His world is limited to only his son and wife. Like any father he imposes his dreams and aspirations on his son without realizing the affect it is having on him. One night, after an argument on Anand giving a worker 10000 rupees for building house.his son dies of a cardiac arrest and this leads him to see the world in a different perspective. Using his finance company, Venu starts using innovative loan schemes at interests rates lower than that of the market to help people with healthcare, education and other such needs, which leads to him making enemies of his rivals. How he copes up with all these issues and tries to keep his social work in the name of his son alive forms the crux of the story.

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