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The film is Mani Ratnams version of Ramayanam. Here Rama is a Police Officer and his wife is Seetha. A dreaded outlaw is Raavana. His sister is Surpanaka. Veeraiah aka Veera and his brother (Prabhu) live in a jungle near Nallamalla forests. He is feared and loved by local folk. Police are on the hunt to nab him. One day, Veera kidnaps Raagini (Aishwarya Rai), wife of a Superintendent of Police called Deva (Prithviraj). Veera has a personal score to settle with Dev and the cops whom he believes is responsible for his sister Vennalas (Priyamani) custodial rape and subsequent suicide. During her 14-day hostage, Ragini discovers that her Ram is no God and her abductor Raavan is not really rakshasha.

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