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Spirituality is the guide to liberation, and Indians have always believed devotion to be the simplest and greatest form of spirituality. It was devotion that brought together thousands of pilgrims to constitute vari- the holy journey of the devotees of Viththala to Pandharpur. It was the Varkari sect that inspired in the hearts of the faithful a strong will to live life to the full and a stronger wish to attain liberation. It takes thousands of years for traditions to take shape- some pave the way and others go along it to set milestones as beacons for the followers. The question is- what is the stimulant that causes generations to keep the tradition alivewhat kind of madness is it that makes thousands of people traverse hundreds of miles on foot to have one glimpse of their god- The answer lies beyond the realms of fate or logic. But answer or no answer, vari has gone on for centuries. It must have touched many lives in many ways. One such story goes under the title - Vitthal, Vitthal. Professor, Yashvant, Saguna, Kalyani and Manjula are the characters that constitute this story. These are the people who wish to understand the relation of their fellow beings with vari while trying to realize their own self.

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