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Ravi (Parthban) is a poor man and works as a mechanic. He lives with his mother( Manorama), who is worried about him. He is in love with Priya ( Suman Ranganathan ), who is a rich girl. She rejects him on numerous occasions. Ravi follows her everywhere and tries to make her fall in love with him. Another girl Asha( Mohini), who is from a rich family, meets Ravi. They become friends and she ends up falling in love with him. It is then revealed that Priya is actually Parthibans wife. A flashback shows that they fell in love and got married. Ravi initially tells her that he is the garage owner and not the mechanic. Later he tries to tell her the truth but the opportunity never provides itself. He tells Priya the truth after the marriage, but she does not accept the apology. She believes that he lied to get her familys money, and they separate. The remaining part of the movie is about what happens to Priya, Ravi, and Asha. Watch Vunnai Valthi Padukiren movie online.

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