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Make a little home sanctuary abroad by giving your family a little entertainment in Indian channels available at YuppTV. News7 Tamil news is available online and also comes in the Tamil TV channels package online which features other top-hit Tamil channels including Jaya (Jaya Max, Jaya Movies, Jaya TV), Raj (News, Music), YuppTV Live, KTV, Viijay and Music channels.

News7Tamil channel covers accurate informative news from India and all over the world. News touch on the most relevant national and public concerns, encompassing politics, commerce, fashion, arts and entertainment. Watching News7 Tamil news online is the best way of keeping up with home trends while away. News7Tamil TV shows are educative and are suitable for all types of audiences. The morning shows are geared toward body and soul nourishment. Aadradada Aanmigam starts on with self-help talks that touch on 'Dharma' and healthy meditation practice. Theervugaal is a personal finance show that gives tips on finance management, financial freedom and offers guidelines on financial laws. Unave Amirdham is a natural nutritional show that features the rich Hindi traditional herbs and their nutritional values. Doctor Naanga Eppadi is an expert in reproductive health. Her show sensitizes on key reproductive topics.

Varaverpparai is a social commentatory show that expouses public debates on various day-to-day life activities. Then Poovali wraps up the shows in educative documentaries on agribusiness in India.

News7Tamil has an array of programmes that cover technological innovation, social life and development talks on India's economy. News7Tamil channel has already gained its reputation in terms of news delivery, wide show coverage and positive social impact, all in a year since its launching. Expect great informative content at News7Tamil on YuppTV abroad.

News7Tamil Live is Available in United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, New Zealand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Middle East and UAE