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Watch Indian TV Channels on your Wii with your YuppTV subscription. Download YuppTV plug-in and you can watch your favourite TV channels on your own Television Sets in just few minutes. Get a 14 day free trial. YuppTV has been successfully providing services with an excellent customer satisfaction, it is a VeriSign secured site and provides 24/7 Live customer support.

Download PlayOn and YuppTV plug-in to watch your favorite channels on your Television Sets in just few minutes.

The enjoyment of watching Indian TV and the cost effectiveness of watching it through the internet is made available to you by YuppTV. If you own any of the devices like networked Xbox 360, Wii or any other DLNA compatible device , all you need to do is install our YuppTV application on your PC and connect your device to the PC and you are all set to watch Internet based Live Indian TV channels on your TV.

How do I install YuppTV Application?

  • Three steps and you are all set to watch your favourite show.
    • Download and install PlayOn on your PC
    • After you download PlayOn, download and install the YuppTV plug-in
    • Navigate PlayOn from your gaming console or any DLNA compatible device

Install PlayOn before installing the YuppTV plugin

You must also have a valid YuppTV Subscription. You will be asked to enter your credentials in the Plug-in of PlayOn settings. When you download PlayOn and install YuppTV plug in, you get
Catch-up TV
My Media