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Brahma Vishnu Mahashewara

Kannada Action 02h 14m

HD Movie
  • Director :
  • Cast :
    Ambarish, Anant Nag, V. Ravichandran, Tulasi, Kiran Juneja
Dr Brahmendra (Ambarish), Inspector Mahesh (Ananth Nag) and Advocate Narayan (V. Ravichandran) have been the best friends since childhood. Brahmendra's father was the one who took care and raised all three of them. Narayan was an orphan and Mahesh's father Nandi was a smuggler who abandoned him for being too honest. Mahesh is an honest and dedicated police officer, Brahmendra is a renowned doctor in the city, and Narayan is a famous criminal lawyer. Nandi becomes a big gangster and remains unaware of the fact that Mahesh is his son. The three of them come into a clash with Nandi. Mahesh and Narayan always quarrel with Brahmendra who has a problem of being short tempered. He loses his temper the moment he finds out injustice being done to people. What happens next is the story of Brahma Vishnu Mahashewara. Watch Brahma Vishnu Mahashewara movie online.