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Chaal Dharam No Dhandho Kariye

Gujarati Drama 01h 54m

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  • Director :
    Raj Patil
  • Cast :
    Piyush Adhia, Vasundhara Somaiya, Jigish Vyas, Ashok Mapara, Aniket Tank
Having fallen into cunning builder’s trap, the members of co-operative society get united to find their way out. To save their home, they need to pay huge compensation to the builder in short period of time. Having no other option, they decide to pursue age-old lucrative business i.e. making money in the name of god and religion. They decide to do mythological drama during Ganpati Festival. These amateur actors’ hilarious goof-ups on the stage make audience burst in frenzied laughter. Will they be able to pay compensation to the builder on time?