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Telugu Drama 02h 07m

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  • Director :
  • Cast :
    Charmi Kaur, Vasu
Charmi in and as Indu shown as a young and passionate college girl enjoying her days with silly college mates.Soon she gets linked up with the college boy name Sriram played by Bala Kumar. They both fall for each other and are in deep love.But Indu's psycho father, an evil goon can't stand it more.He tries to finish off Sriram. High intense drama erupts as both love birds have to fight for their love and freedom from Indu's evil father Karunakar. Sriram's parents decide to send him off to India where they think he would be safe. Same time, Indu too tries to run away from her evil psycho father.At last, they meet up again and Sriram goes straight away to her father for the last conclusive meeting. Watch the full movie to find out what happens next. Watch Indu movie online.