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Poo Poova Poothirukku

Tamil Drama 02h 14m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    V. Alagappan
  • Cast :
    Prabhu, Saritha, Amala Akkineni
The story revolves around the story of a husband named Ramu (Prabhu Ganesan), who has such a beautiful and faithful wife, Janakin (Saritha Manorama Silambarasan). This happy couple has two cute kids. However, Janakin never knew that his husband was having an affair with a woman Marry (Amala Akkineni). This secret relationship remains a secret until Marry died in a car accident. It was the moment when Ramu had to admit that he and Marry had a son, named Kannan. Ramu didn't have the heart to leave Kannan alone, so he had to face the truth by telling Janakin the shocking fact. Curious about how Janakin would react after her husband confession? Will she forgive him? Watch Poo Poova Poothirukku movie online.