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Santan Jakhan Satru

Bengali Drama 02h 43m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Swapan Saha
  • Cast :
    Prosenjit, Soumitra Chatterjee, Tapas Paul, Rituparna Sengupta
This is a story of a family which has two sons named Shyamalendra and Dibbendu & a boy named Arunnham. The master of the family is named Subhendu. Now Mr. Subhendu had a friend named Amitabha, & he wanted his daughter to marry Subhendus younger son Dibbendu, who was a rotten boy & had all the bad habbits that a boy can have. But Amitabhas daughter loved this boy Arun whom Subhendu adopted. Now another girl, so she decided to break off her engagement knowing this, Dibhendu tried to rape her but Arun saved her. Now, Dubhendu had a businessman rival who mindwashed his two sons & forced then do illegal things & go against their family. The girl whom Dubhendu married was a very unethical & ruthless girl. During all this, another died because of ruthless behaviour of Dibhendu. Now Mr. Sukhendu has also lost all of his property & mortgaged his house & went away with his daughter-in-law. Because of sarcasim of destiny, Sukhender works as a labour in the company. Arun has got a job in Amitabhas company & all is set for the marriage of Arun. Then Subhendus son used impure material for the construction of a building under their project, knowing this Subhender informed the concerned authority & the two sons are imprisioned. Mr Subhendu becomes rich again with the help of his men. In the end the two boys realised their mistake & thet are very sorry. From this story we learn disrespecting parents, is the biggest sin in world.