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Vetuleh Eli Veliyeleh Puli

Tamil Drama

HD Movie
  • Director :
  • Cast :
    S.V. Sekhar, Janagaraj, Rubini
The story is about a Purushottaman, a chief in a well-known firm, demonstrations strong and intense outside however as a general rule is a chicken and a henpecked man absolutely under control of his authoritarian spouse name Deivanayaki, and is smothered by her oppressive nature. Astonished at seeing his subordinate Sivaraman's better half, totally under his control, he imparts his woeful story to Sivaraman, and Sivaraman consents to bail him out. Be that as it may, Deivanayaki comes to know about this and thus in revenge she poisons sirvaramans better half named lakshmi against him. Life turns upside down for Sivaraman. Will he have the capacity to lead a quiet existence with his wife once more? Watch Vetuleh Eli Veliyeleh Puli movie online.