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YuppTV is a revolutionary in providing a no-holds-bar gateway for television viewers across the world. With the power of technology and the convenience of the internet, YuppTV has allowed consumers to view the latest content Live anytime and anywhere.As an OTT provider, YuppTV works closely with popular brands to help them connect with our engaged community of viewers. We have acquired 200+ Live TV channels online in 13 languages during a decade-long journey. Off beat videos from Bazaar, catch up feature up to 7 days, unmatched movie catalogue, short news on the go have become synonymous with YuppTV.

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YuppTV bring videos in an honest and relatable way to our audiences who come from various walks of life. Our top-flight content is moving towards the forefront of digital innovation. When you advertise with us, you don't have to think about how to make people click on ads. Our platform just does the trick!

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