Urdu TV Channel Live in Australia - Package Starts from AUD14.99/Monthly

Available Urdu TV Channels in AUS

ARY Musik Live AUS ARY QTV Live AUS ARY Digital Live AUS ARY News Live AUS ARY News Live AUS Hadi TV Live AUS Madani TV Live AUS A Plus TV Live AUS Such TV Live AUS Paigham Pashto TV Live AUS Paigham TV Live AUS Dekho TV Live AUS Hum Masala TV Live Hum Sitaray TV Live

If you're in Australia and want to watch Urdu TV channels, you might think you need cable or satellite. But now there's a new way to watch your favorite shows. From documentaries to lifestyle (and everything in-between), you can now watch Urdu TV channels live in Australia from an internet-enabled device. Stream live programs from your computer, smartphone, games console, smart TV or mobile tablet 24 hours a day - whether you are at home or on the go.

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