Currently there are no Urdu TV Channels Available in United States

For an Indian national who has just moved to the United States, it gets getting used to take to life without the daily dose of authentic TV entertainment as well as homegrown news and current affairs programming. But YuppTV is now intent to make sure that you do not have to get used to this dearth of your favorite TV content. We provide you with a comprehensive selection of Urdu TV Channels Live in USA in a service that is quite unlike any other dedicated to non-resident Indians in the United States.

YuppTV has two exclusively Urdu TV channels streaming content around the clock from our website in USA. We believe in providing our clients as much choice of viewing experience as we can and delivering it at the most competitive pricing possible. You will therefore find options to subscribe to our channels for either a month, six months or for a year as the case may be. You can also select a package that includes only the TV channels you prefer. If you love TV on the go, head off to your official App store and download our YuppTV app absolutely free. Your subscription credentials on PC will work on the free app so no need to subscribe again if you are already enjoying our service.