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Vizio TV 2014 Models:

(MTK5590 WST (eMMC)): M492i-B2, M552i-B2, M652i-B2

(MTK5580 FXCN (eMMC)): D650i-C3, E600i-B3

(MTK5580 WST (eMMC)): D650i-B2, E320fi-B2, E320i-B2, E400i-B2, E480i-B2, E550i-B2, E550i-B2E

(MTK5580 TPV (eMMC)): D500i-B1, E231i-B1, E24-C1, E241i-A1, E241i-B1, E280i-B1, E28h-C1, E390i-A1, E390i-B1E, E500i-B1, M322i-B1

(MTK5580 AMT): E320i-B0, E390i-B0, E420i-A0, E420i-B0, E550i-A0

(MTK5580 TPV): E241i-B1, E280i-A1, E320i-B1, E390i-B1, E500i-A1, E500i-B1, E500i-B1E

(MTK5580 WST): E320i-B2, E400i-B2, E480i-B2

(MTK5590 FXCN): E701i-A3, M601d-A3, M601d-A3R, M701d-A3, M701d-A3R, M801d-A3, M801d-A3R, M801i-A3

(MTK5590 WST): E650i-A2, E650i-B2, M501d-A2, M501d-A2R, M551d-A2, M551d-A2R, M651d-A2, M651d-A2R

(MTK5580 FXCN): M401i-A3

(MTK5580 WST): M321i-A2, M471i-A2

(SX6 TPV): E50u-C1, E55u-C1, M43-C1, M49-C1, M50-C1, M65-C1, M75-C1, P502ui-B1, P502ui-B1E

(SX6 FXCN): M60-C3, M70-C3, M80-C3, P602ui-B3, P702ui-B3

(SX6 WST): M55-C2, P552ui-B2, P652ui-B2

Please follow the below steps to activate Vizio device.

  1. Click on any of the module such as LiveTV or CatchUp TV on your device Launcher.
  2. Please enter the 5 digit code shown in the text box shown above and click activate.
  3. Once the activation successful, Your TV page will automatically be redirected to corresponding YuppTV module in few seconds.