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Indian TV Catch up

One of the best features on YuppTV is Catch-Up TV which offers the backup for all the recent episodes of most popular TV serials and shows so that you can catch up with your favorite TV shows even though you have missed them at their airing time. All the popular shows like Bigg Boss, various TV serials, News programs, Movies, Spiritual and Life programs from different channels are all archived in Catch up section according to their airing time.

Catch up feature is available for every language that exists on YuppTV. Be it a show in Tamil or a highly popular channel in Bengali or Malayalam or any other language, Catch up TV stores all the programs on that channel in its archive. You can watch any show from the channel in your own time at your convenience.

Not just the Shows and serials, Catch Up TV also archives the movies aired on the channels. Through Catch Up TV you can even watch the blockbuster movies that you have missed on the weekends or any other day. Catch up TV’s backup lets you do your works without worrying about missing your favorite movies. This feature is better than any other service since it doesn’t require you to stay and record the movie in order for you watch later.

The list of Channels displayed on this page is dependent on the Region and the Language of Subscription.