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As a kid did you get warned for watching TV, yet you couldn’t resist it? Did people run away from you, for you tampered every electronic device at hand out of curiosity? Do you consume internet data more than food? If yes, then YuppTV is a platform that will feed your curiosity that will ignite new ideas, is a workplace where you don’t work but watch TV 24*7.

Our Vision

We are breaking stereotypes, disrupting the market for new leaf. Our vision is to liberate entertainment, to make TV accessible to all, with a rich video viewing experience. We cater to all ages and genders with smart technology and expanding with their growing needs. Everyone works hard to get entertainment in life; we work towards delivering it to all.

Our Culture

Synergy is success. We don’t follow a hierarchy nor do we follow rules. We are first timers, and believe in scaling up. Job descriptions are on paper, but everyone here work as holistically on the product as the CEO of the company with ownership, while leveraging their individual expertise. We are approachable, dynamic and entertaining.

Job opening

Drop us a mail at We'll be happy to hear from you.Alternatively,
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