Lucky Draw Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

YuppTV USA Inc, announces a Lucky Draw for its existing and new customers who avail yearly Live TV subscription with YuppTV (defined below). The lucky users chosen from this Lucky Draw will be gifted a Smart TV by YuppTV. This Terms and Conditions (" Terms") sets out the terms on which the contest of Lucky Draw will be governed. Please read these Terms carefully as this governs the rules of the Lucky Draw contest and details thereof. All the eligible users will be bound by these Terms and is deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms.

2. Definitions

3. Terms of the Lucky Draw

This Lucky Draw is a limited period offer beginning from 10th June, 2020 at 12 AM, Indian Standard Time. This offer is valid until the time YuppTV withdraws this offer, at its sole discretion. The Lucky Draw shall take place on every Wednesday during the campaign period. Any YuppTV user renewing or subscribing to YuppTV yearly package during this campaign period becomes eligible to participate in only one and the next available Lucky Draw. 5 of such participating users every week will be declared winners of the Lucky Draw and gifted a Smart TV each by YuppTV. However, this offer is valid for the Live TV yearly subscribers only and those residing and availing YuppTV services in USA.

The winners of the Lucky Draw will be announced every Wednesday, where YuppTV will directly contact the winner of the Lucky Draw (through the contact information provided at the time of renewal or registration) and the Smart TV will be delivered directly to the winner's address, in a manner mutually convenient to both parties. As such, no cancellations shall be allowed for subscription of yearly packages. The terms for renewal and/or purchase of Live TV yearly subscription shall be as stipulated by YuppTV Terms.

This Lucky Draw is governed by YuppTV Terms and Privacy Policy in addition to the conditions mentioned herein and the users are expected to read and understand YuppTV Terms and Privacy Policy, which are accessible through the links provided in the respective definitions above. For the purposes of this Lucky Draw, YuppTV will use and retain certain information provided by the users at the time of renewal or new registration and the same is governed by YuppTV Terms and Privacy Policy.

In case of any disputes between any user participating in Lucky Draw or the winner and YuppTV, with regards to this Lucky Draw and the Terms herein, the decision of YuppTV shall be final. No refunds or exchange with regards to the Smart TV will be entertained by YuppTV.

4. Disclaimer

YuppTV does not guarantee, represent or warrant that the Smart TV so gifted is error-free and defect-free and that YuppTV will not be responsible for any defect and/or maintenance or repair of the Smart TV. Any repair, maintenance and disposing of the Smart TV after such Smart TV has been gifted pursuant to this Lucky Draw, will be the sole responsibility of the winner and winner shall, in no way, hold YuppTV obligated or responsible for the same. Once the Smart TV is gifted to the winner/s, YuppTV shall no longer be liable and responsible for any matter related to the Smart TV.

5. YuppTV Terms & Privacy Policy

In addition to the foregoing, all matters related to Liability, Waiver & Indemnity, Limitation of Liability, Governing Law and Jurisdiction, user information related clauses (general provisions) and such other provisions as are applicable to these Terms shall be governed by YuppTV Terms and Privacy Policy.