CEO Message

Uday Reddy Founder & CEO, YuppTV


It is indeed our pleasure to welcome you to YuppTV. The world we live in, is transforming. Old paradigms are becoming redundant and new norms are getting established with every passing day. At YuppTV, we are proud to be part of the revolution in TV viewership, mainstreaming videos on-demand, live streaming and more.

Founded in the year 2006, YuppTV operates with a vision to delivering value in watching TV. Although it was an absolute out-of-box approach when we started, we are today happy and proud of the efforts we have put in to make our vision a reality. After many years of extensive work across multiple customers, our unique global delivery model allowed us to successfully manifest our vision of providing innovative solutions to our customers, continuously.

Guided by a firm focus on customer centricity and sustainability, we currently have over 250 live channels, available on-demand across the globe. As globalization calls upon us to migrate from our home grounds, I hope YuppTV go with you as an accomplice, letting you rediscover and connect with entertainment that knocks closer to home.

We are driven to also mainstream internet enabled TV, especially in the emerging markets. The endeavor wouldn’t be complete without revolutionizing TV viewership on second screens, making it extremely easy and user-friendly for everyone to browse entertainment content of their choice on mobile phones.

In the next phase of our journey, we also aim to give back to the society. Since education, especially those of the under-privileged classes, has always been an endeavor close to my heart, we are innovating in the domain with the solar internet video broadband, together with our other products. With this initiative, we aim to contribute towards the education, especially of the people working at the level of grassroots.

My heart goes out to everyone who has supported us thus far, including our associate partners, the global workforce of YuppTV and most importantly, our new and existing users, who continue to be ever so generous. Thank you everybody for the support, and I hope you continue to support us as we continue to evolve, innovate and disrupt.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Uday Reddy

CEO - YuppTV