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Panasonic TV

Watch high quality Live TV, Catch-up TV and
Unlimited Movies on Panasonic Smart TV.

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Installing YuppTV application on Panasonic Smart TV

  • From the Panasonic Smart TV Home Screen, select Panasonic Smart TV Market
  • On left section, below APPLICATIONS, select “ Video & Movie ” . Use the arrow keys on your remote to navigate through the various available applications
  • Select YuppTV icon install the app

Panasonic Smart TV models

North America: VT50, GT50, ST50, UT50, XT50, (60PUT54), WT50, DT50, ET50, E55, E50, (LE554, LE54), VT30 Series, GT30 Series, ST30 Series (65PST34), DT30 Series
Europe: VT50, GT50, ST50, STW50, WT50, DT50, ET 50, ET5, E5, VT30 Series, GT30 Series, ST30 Series, G30 Series, S30 Series, UT30 Series, DT3x Series, D3x Series, E30 Series
Asia: VT50, ST50, UT50, WT50, DT50, ET5, E55, E5, VT30 Series, GT30 Series, ST30 Series, S30(China) Series, UT30 Series, DT30 Series, E30 Series

Panasonic IPTV device models

North America : BDT220, BDT320, BDT500, BBT01, BTT190, BTT195, BTT490, BDT110, BDT210, BDT310, BTT270, BTT370, BTT770
Europe : BDT120, BDT220, BDT320, BDT500, BBT01, BTT182, BTT282 BTT190, BTT195, BTT290, BTT490, BTT590, BWT800, BWT700, PWT500,HW100, BST800,BST700, BST701, BDT110, BDT210, BDT310, BTT262, BTT362, BTT270, BTT370, BTT770,BTT775
Asia : BDT220, BDT320, BBT500, BBT01, BTT190, BTT490, BTT583, BTT790, BWT820,BWT720, PWT520(Oceania), BDT110, BDT310, BTT270, BTT370, BTT775, BWT800,BWT700, PWT500(Oceania)

If you have already subscribed for a package on PC and would like to activate the same on Panasonic TV,

Please follow the below steps.

  • From the Panasonic Smart TV Home Screen press the down arrow key to highlight “More” and press the OK button on your remote to navigate through various applications
  • Select YuppTV icon, and press OK
  • Select the language of your choice
  • Select the package of your choice
  • An activation code appears on your TV screen.
  • On your computer, go to http://YuppTV.com/panasonic
  • Enter the activation code that appeared on your Panasonic screen.
  • Click the “ Activate ” button
  • The package that you have already subscribed on PC, is now activated on your Panasonic TV
  • 10. After validation YuppTV.com account will gets linked to your Panasonic device.
    11. Re-launch YuppTV app on Panasonic device.
    12. Now you can access LIVE TV and Catch-up TV of the subscribed channels from YuppTV.com on your Panasonic device
    13. Press the left or right arrow keys on your remote to navigate and RETURN key to go back.
    14. While watching LIVE channel, use key's “ RED ” to Pause/Resume, “ OK ” to hide/ show Info Bar and RETURN to go back.
    15. While watching Catch-up TV, use
        “ RED ” key to Playback/Stop
        “ GREEN ” to Pause/Resume
        “ YELLOW ” Go back 60 seconds
        “ BLUE ” Go forward 60 seconds
        “ OK ” to hide/ show Info Bar and
        “ RETURN ” to go back